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Best Counselor Job Phoenix LAC LMSW

Welcome to Phoenix Counseling

We are growing alongside our local communities and are enthusiastic about connecting with like-minded providers who are passionate about supporting our clients to heal, grow, and thrive.

We are currently inviting associate-level clinicians to join our team.

If you are an ethical and dependable licensed clinician, come grow with us!

Voices from Our Team

After years of being a counselor in a variety of other settings, I often found myself dealing with business stressors that did not always match my professional values.

Finding Phoenix Counseling has been a breath of fresh air. I appreciate the office culture that has been created, where I am able to maintain my focus on what is most important in our field, the clients. 

It has been such a wonderful experience. I feel valued and important to our team and to my supervisor. I am listened to and my opinion is important. My supervisor trusts me and allows me to make decisions and is incredibly supportive. My position is flexible, which allows me to be both a present employee and present mother. I am extremely grateful for my job at Phoenix Counseling. 

I like working independently and enjoy having a routine. My position at Phoenix Counseling allows me to change things up just enough to keep it interesting and remain social.

My experience working at Phoenix Counseling in one word: Gratifying!  I believe a therapist is called to the field of mental health.  When clients share their stories and grow not because of what we do but because of what they do...that is gratifying and working at Phoenix Counseling allows the space for a therapist and client to grow!

Sounds like a good fit?  Let's chat!

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